Summer 2017


Welcome back to the summer term, following a wonderfully sunny two weeks which I hope you all enjoyed with your families and friends. We are looking forward to our pupils returning refreshed and ready to learn, striving for their very best and being proud of their achievements. It is a particularly tough term for all junior schools with SATs on the horizon in three weeks’ time but we know our Year 6s have been well prepared and all we can ask is that they try not to worry too much, have a good night’s rest before the tests, stay calm, read the test papers carefully on the day and have confidence in their own abilities. If they can confidently say that they tried their very best, we will be very proud of them as that is all we can ask of anyone. There is always the option of doing a little bit of revision / practice in something that they feel less confident, so long as they do not overdo this; getting a bit of fresh air or exercise, doing something that helps them to relax is equally important. These tests are just a few days of their lives at 11 years old; we want all our pupils to do their best but we know that they have all been encouraged to be resilient, with a growth mindset to go on to achieve even greater things in their lives at secondary and beyond. We wish all our pupils the very best now and in the future and we hope they remember that the seeds for new growth were planted here at Oaklands Junior School.

In the last half term, our pond area was given a ‘makeover’ which began with a lot of hard work from a group of very willing parents. These parents worked relentlessly (in all weathers!) digging out roots and levelling the ground; preparing the soil ready for planting. We are very grateful for all the support we have received in this project, which also involved groups of children throughout the school working with these

parents, sowing meadow seed over two days just before the end of term. Our pupils, parents and staff will be keenly watching these seeds germinate and flourish. Our next step will be the larger project of relining the pond, which will hopefully take place during the summer holidays, so that the use of the pond is not curtailed in any shape or form during term time, especially as it is extremely well used! I have huge admiration and thanks for all the parents who have been very supportive in giving freely of their time, along with all their hard work and advice, without whom this project would not have been possible this year.

Mrs. Hazel West




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